Dos And Don'ts Of Grooming Rex Rabbits

Rex rabbits, whether mini or regular-sized, have very short plush fur. Luckily, shorthaired rabbits don't require much grooming except when they are shedding. Here are the dos and don'ts of grooming Rex bunnies during shedding season:

DO Use a Cloth

The easiest and safest way to get rid of that shedding fur on a Rex is to use a cloth. The best cloth is a chamois cloth, also known as a Shammy cloth. It is made from soft leather that absorbs liquid really well. You can find it in the automotive aisle because people love to use the cloth to dry off cars. Chamois works great for Rex rabbits because the cloth will pull up the loose fur and also pull up the oils in the skin. The oils are what make the coat so shiny and soft. Just pet your bunny with the cloth and you'll end up with a cloth full of hair and shiny coat.

If you don't want to use a Shammy cloth or can't find one, just dampen a soft washcloth and use that. The water will collect the hair, but you won't get that super shiny coat.

DON'T Use a Brush

Rabbit react better to a cloth because it feels like they are being petted. Brushes tend to make them uncomfortable and the rabbit will fidget too much. Also, brushes are bad for Rex fur. It actually harms the fur and ruins the plush softness. After too many brushings, the fur won't spring back like it is supposed to.

DO Get Rid of Fleas

Rabbits are just as susceptible to fleas as your dog or cat. The problem is that rabbits are much more difficult to treat. You can't give them flea medications like drops, collars, or powders because the chemicals are toxic to rabbits. Even some of the all-natural flea medications are toxic to bunnies.

How do you get fleas out of those beautiful coats? Spray your bunny with a mixture of water and vinegar. Fleas hate vinegar and it won't harm your bunny. Use a flea comb to try and pick up any of those annoying fleas. Comb your bunny's fur backwards so that it lifts up the fur to catch plenty of fleas and keep the fur springy. A brief combing with a flea comb isn't as damaging as repeated brushings.

DON'T Give Your Rabbit a Bath

Not only do rabbits hate baths, but also a bath could kill them. Your rabbit could immediately become sick after a bath if not dried completely and kept warm. Even a dry shampoo isn't a good idea for rabbits. Dry shampoos will eliminate the death fear, but the shampoo will completely remove the oils that make the fur soft and plush.

With these dos and don'ts, you now know the best way to groom your Rex rabbit during shedding season. For more information on caring for and grooming your rabbit, contact an animal hospital like Woodside Veterinary Hospital.