Four Tips for Dog-Proofing Your Home After Surgery

Having your dog go through surgery is definitely tough. After all, you can't have a conversation with your dog about how their feeling, but one thing you can do is make your home comfortable once they come back after going through the surgery. Here are four tips to help you do this: 

  1. Get a Doggy Gate: You want to gate off the stairs if you have any in your home so that your dog isn't tempted to walk up them only to fall and slip. This can cause extreme pain to their surgery site. It's best to wait until after recovery to let them start using the stairs again. If your dog is used to being upstairs, it's best to bring all their things to the bottom floor. You don't want to carry them up and down because doing so might mess with the surgical site as well. 
  2. Get Some Rugs: If you have hardwood, tile, or other sleek flooring in your home, you should get some rugs. They can simply be cheap rugs, so long as they are protected underneath from slipping with a slip resistant under mat. These area placed under the rug to prevent the rug from moving around when walked on. This way, your dog is less likely to slip and fall, but even if they do, they will have a softer landing. 
  3. Get Raised Food and Water Bowls: Instead of placing the food and water bowl for your dog directly on the floor, you should consider getting them raised. This prevents your dog from having to bend down, which causes problems with back pain anyway. However, it is also going to ensure that they are more comfortable, which is especially nice if the surgery was done on the back. 
  4. Invest in a New Dog Bed: Finally, if you don't currently have a nice, firm, and comfy dog bed for your dog, it's time to invest with one. Dog beds are easier for your dog to get into and is much better than allowing your dog to jump onto the couch or bed. This encourages your dog to not jump, which can only delay recovery or worsen the area in which the surgery was done.

When you consider these four tips, bringing your dog home from surgery is going to ensure that their recovery time goes smoothly, which is more comfortable for them and less stressful for you during this sensitive time. For more advice, speak with veterinarians at animals hospitals like Pitts Veterinary Hospital PC.