Three Reasons To Treat Your Canine Companion To A Regular Massage

If you're like most people who have discovered the benefits massage, you agree wholeheartedly that having one on a regular basis does a lot to improve your quality of life. Like many people, you may not realize that your canine companion can also enjoy a better quality of life from receiving regular massages. Following are just three of the many reasons to treat your furry friend to a professional massage. 

Your Dog is Getting on in Years

As they age, canines often suffer from many of the same afflictions that affect other types of mammals, include humans. For instance, older dogs may develop arthritis, rheumatism, or their muscles may simply become stiff and sore as a result of decreased activity. Massaging tired old muscles will help reduce pain and promote increased mobility. Evidence exists that suggests that by promoting a healthy oxygen flow to the brain, regular massage helps guard against the onset of cognitive functioning associated with aging. A regular massage also helps detect possible health issues such as skin conditions, lumps and tumors, and unexplained swelling. 

Your Dog is a Performance Dog

A regular massage performed by a skilled alternative pet therapy professional promotes good circulatory health. Dogs most likely to benefit from this are hunting dogs, agility dogs, stock dogs, sled dogs, or any other dog that gets a good physical workout on most days -- canine participants in one of the most grueling sled dog races in North America regularly receive massages from mushers and volunteer pet therapists at various checkpoints along the trail. Good circulation delivers a steady flow of blood to muscular tissue, which helps the muscles recover more quickly after a good bout of exercise. Even dogs that aren't performance dogs can benefit from massage if it goes hiking or biking with you.  

Your Dog Seems Nervous and Anxious

If you got your dog from a rescue organization or a shelter, your knowledge of its past may be extremely limited. If your furry friend frequently seems nervous or anxious for no apparent reason, chances are good that the animal was never properly socialized as a puppy and perhaps may even have been abused. Regular massage therapy can help the dog relax as well as to associate human touch with positive feelings and experiences instead of with uncertainty and possible pain. 

Please feel free to reach out to your local alternative pet therapist or click here for info on how your furry friend may benefit from a regular massage session.