What Veterinarian Services Will Your Pet Bird Need?

Having a pet bird is a great investment that you can enjoy for years to come. Birds can be great family pets who bond with their owners and live a long and happy life with cheeky and fun behaviors that delight everyone. Some birds, such as parrots, can live as long as their owners. 

No matter what pet you get, you need to have regular veterinarian services for them. This is the best way to have a healthy and happy bird for a long time. Not all veterinarians treat birds, which can be considered exotic animals. Make sure you choose a veterinarian clinic that will treat birds so your pet bird can get the quality care it needs. Here are some of the veterinarian services your pet bird will need throughout its life.


Your pet bird may need periodic wing, beak, and nail trimmings to help them stay healthy and comfortable. The wing trimmings are optional if you want to make it so your bird can't fly as well to prevent escape from your home. Nail and beak trimmings are necessary to allow your bird to be able to eat well and keep a grip on perches. Your bird should have access to a sandpaper perch and rock so they can trim their own nails and beak with less issue and can get their more advanced trimmings done as part of their regular veterinary services.

Mite treatments

Mites are common parasites for birds. When your bird gets mites, they will have little red or other colored dots in their feathers and your bird may pick at or pull their feathers more often than they usually do. Balding can also be a sign of stress if your bird is picking their feathers out, so take them to the veterinarian clinic to get veterinarian services done so the vet can get rid of any mites your bird might have.

Your bird should get veterinary care if they ever break or sprain a wing, have blood in their stool, or if they are egg laying and appear to have an egg stuck in their body. While most of the time your pet bird will be just fine without veterinary involvement, there are times when veterinary services are most important. Schedule regular checkups at the vet for your bird so your veterinarian clinic can track their weight gain and other health concerns and you can keep your pet bird happy and healthy for life.

Contact a local veterinarian clinic to learn more.