Key Things New Pet Owners Should Consider When Looking For A Veterinarian

If you are a new pet owner or are preparing to bring a new pet into your home soon, finding a good veterinarian is important. Your pet will need to visit a veterinarian for routine immunizations and care and for those times when your pet becomes ill. Taking a few things into consideration when you are looking for a vet will help you narrow down your choices and find the best veterinarian for your pet.

The location of the office

For some pets, riding in the car can be a stressful event. Having a vet near your home will reduce the amount of time your pet has to be in the car for veterinarian visits. Having a vet nearby also makes it easier when your pet is ill or if you need urgent veterinarian care.

The office hours

It is important to know the hours a veterinarian's office is open throughout the week and if they offer weekend appointments. It is not always convenient or possible to miss a day's work to take a pet for a wellness checkup or a sick visit. Some offices offer evening hours on certain days of the week to better accommodate the schedules of working pet owners.

The condition of the office

Visit several veterinarian offices before you decide which one is best for your pet. First impressions are powerful, so you can often find out a lot by just walking into an office and looking at the surroundings. Look for an office that appears to be well organized and clean with a staff that is friendly and willing to answer your questions.

Find out if they offer emergency care

Having a veterinarian who offers emergency pet care around the clock can put your mind at ease. For a first-time pet owner, emergency situations that arise in the middle of the night or on holiday can be scary. Pet emergency centers are available in many cities but having a vet you and your pet are familiar with can make urgent situations less stressful.

As a new pet owner, keeping your pet happy and healthy is a priority. Routine visits to the veterinarian are one way to ensure your pet is up to date on vaccinations and to address any issues you may have about your pet's care. Finding a veterinarian that you feel comfortable with will help you feel confident you are doing your best to keep your pet healthy. 

For more info, contact a local veterinary office