To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate Your Dog

Vaccines protect dogs from potentially fatal and contagious diseases. The vaccine triggers an immune response, which makes a dog more prepared to fight off illness. Through the use of pet vaccines, some illnesses that used to commonly afflict dogs are now rare. But even with these diseases being rare, vaccines are still necessary. The key is to determine how often you should vaccinate your dog. Core Vaccines vs. Non-Core Vaccines

3 Vital Things To Do For Your New Holiday Puppy

Did you receive a new puppy as one of your holiday presents this year? Are you unsure how to care for your new furry friend aside from the obvious food, water, and walks? A new puppy can be a lot of fun but it can also be a lot of work. In order to ensure that your puppy continues to stay happy and healthy, there are things that you need to do as soon as possible.

Three Reasons To Treat Your Canine Companion To A Regular Massage

If you're like most people who have discovered the benefits massage, you agree wholeheartedly that having one on a regular basis does a lot to improve your quality of life. Like many people, you may not realize that your canine companion can also enjoy a better quality of life from receiving regular massages. Following are just three of the many reasons to treat your furry friend to a professional massage. 

Failure To Vaccinate: What Will Happen If Your Pet Doesn't Get All Their Recommended Shots?

You might be very busy, somewhat absent minded or even behind on your bills, which are all excuses you could use for not having your pet vaccinated. Although you might think this is acceptable and that your new cat or dog can wait until you get around to bringing them in for the shots, the situation is actually more urgent. Failure to have an animal vaccinated can result in a number of negative consequences you'd much prefer to avoid.

3 Things Your Veterinarian Wants To Say To You About Your Dog

When you bring a dog into your home, you are adding a member to your family. Feeding, grooming, and vaccinating your dog are all important steps for ensuring they are healthy and happy, but other tasks may be needed, as well. The job of a veterinarian is to keep your dog, and other pets, healthy, so trusting them for care and advice is best. Here are a few things your veterinarian wants you to know about your dog: