Are You Ready To Be A Cat Owner?

Cats are beautiful, friendly creatures and they make wonderful pets for owners who want a little more independence than you can have as a dog owner. You can typically leave cats alone for a day or more at a time, unlike dogs who need you to take them outside every few hours. Yet, owning a cat is still a lot of responsibility, and it's important to make sure you're ready before you take the plunge and adopt your first kitty.

Vet Phobia: Tips And Tricks To Help Your Dog

You know how you have a phobia of going to the dentist? Well, your dog may have a fear of going to the veterinarian. Believe it or not, it is actually more common than you may think. Your dog may be the happiest and friendliest canine in the neighborhood – until it comes time to go see the veterinarian. Then, he trembles in fear. It may be the strange sounds and smells, all the other animals, or being restrained by the vet tech.

How To Stop Your Cat From Bleeding In An Emergency

Seeing your cat wounded is scary. However, keeping calm and knowing how to take care of your cat in an emergency will keep your cat comfortable and may even save its life. Be Prepared With Styptic Powder Some of the most important items to have in your cat's first aid kit include gauze, cloth wrap bandages, and styptic powder. Styptic powder works by rapidly causing the vein to contract, shrinking it enough to stop the bleeding.

Four Tips for Dog-Proofing Your Home After Surgery

Having your dog go through surgery is definitely tough. After all, you can't have a conversation with your dog about how their feeling, but one thing you can do is make your home comfortable once they come back after going through the surgery. Here are four tips to help you do this:  Get a Doggy Gate: You want to gate off the stairs if you have any in your home so that your dog isn't tempted to walk up them only to fall and slip.

3 Important Ways To Keep Your Dog As Healthy As Possible

If you recently adopted a puppy and have never owned a dog before, you may have some questions relating to how to keep your dog as healthy as possible. Most dogs live for 8 to 11 years, on average, but a dog will generally live longer if it has a healthy lifestyle from the time it is just a puppy. Here are three of the top ways you can keep your dog healthy so it can live a long and happy life.