What Is That Swelling On Your Dog's Ear?

If your dog has an ear infection or allergies that are making them scratch their ears and shake their head, you'll want to find out the root cause. Although ear infections and itchy ears are conditions that should always be looked at and treated by a veterinarian, they are not considered emergencies. However, head shaking and ear scratching can cause a condition that requires prompt attention to mitigate its long-term effects.

Key Things New Pet Owners Should Consider When Looking For A Veterinarian

If you are a new pet owner or are preparing to bring a new pet into your home soon, finding a good veterinarian is important. Your pet will need to visit a veterinarian for routine immunizations and care and for those times when your pet becomes ill. Taking a few things into consideration when you are looking for a vet will help you narrow down your choices and find the best veterinarian for your pet.